Natural Resource Conservation Network

Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) is a network of professionals who are using their training to ensure timely investigation, prosecution and reporting of wildlife crime in Uganda in order to reduce on incidences of wildlife poaching and promote conservation of wildlife.

Natural Resource Conservation network works with Uganda Wildlife Authority, Judiciary, Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Police and other nongovernmental organizations in wildlife conservation initiatives.

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The network besides working with the said partners, supervise their wildlife crime investigation, prosecution and reporting to ensure that it has direct positive influence on conservation of wildlife in Uganda.

Why wildlife

When the CITES meeting in Bangkok put Uganda (the pearl of Africa) among the gang of eight countries at the heart of an unprecedented surge in African elephant killing, NRCN founder member then resolved to do something to save the image of Uganda. 

This resulted to the incorporation of NRCN. In order to address the challenges of illegal trade in wildlife products in Uganda NRCN then agreed with Last Great Ape organization (LAGA) to replicate LAGA law enforcement project with moderation in Uganda.