Guineans arrested with over 1 ton of ivory

Moazu Kromah, Mohammed Kourouma and Bangaly Kromah were arrested with 437 pieces of ivory which weighed 1303.76kgs on 17th of Feb 2017.


4 Held in Gulu in Possession of Ivory and an AK47 Rifle and 31 rounds of Amunition

Nyeko Solomon 32 years old, Inyero Samuel 32, Kibwola Stewart 26, Ojok Lenox Stephen 32, all Ugandan citizens


Dead Elephant Found in Karuma Game Reserve, Three confess to have picked Missing Ivory

The operation was done by Natural Resource conservation Network together with Police in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority who upon heard that someone was possessing 45kgs of Ivory ready for transaction around Karuma than both teams worked swiftly to make sure that justice is again done to...


Property master in Arua Arrested over ivory trafficking

Two suspected ivory traffickers have been arrested in Nebbi district over illegal possession of protected wild life species. The duo Draku Adnan 36 a property master from Arua and Bakole Bruhan 42 a carpenter from Yumbe were found with 21 kilograms of chopped ivory to which they were looking market ...



The chief commander of the police flying squad Mr.Muhangi Herbert has warned people against dealing in trade with illegal wildlife trophies because it illegal and undermines the beauty of our country. He this while addressing some journalists at the central police station in Kampala. This followed a...


Nwoya arrest

Reports reveal that legal ivory market fuels ivory smuggling and elephant poaching. It is estimated that, half a dozen elephants are killed every year by ivory hunters from the national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, murchsion, Bwindi among others in Uganda.