About Us


Who We Are

Natural Resource Conservation Network(NRCN) Ltd is a Non-Government Organisation with a strategic focus to reduce on illegal wildlife trade, trafficking and corruption in the wildlife crime law enforcement chain, through professionalized investigation, arrest, media reporting and prosecution in collaboration with national and international stakeholders in order to enhance wildlife populations for the benefit of today’s and future generations.

Our Objectives

1. To use professional knowledge of the network members to conserve wildlife.
2. To initiate investigation and support prosecution of wildlife crime.
3. To promote awareness of wildlife laws and policy.
4. To render legal support to wildlife conservation authorities and courts
5. To engage in conflict resolution and peace building in the wildlife and natural resources sector in Uganda
6. To organise talk shows and public debates on conservation of wildlife
7. To build capacity of courts to expeditiously dispose off wildlife cases
8. To train police officers and other law enforcement agents in the wildlife sector on effective enforcement of wildlife laws.
9. To develop wildlife crime reference materials for courts
Saved Wildlife
Arrested Criminals
Proesecuted Criminals

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