Intelligence and Investigation

The Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) is a unique Non-Governmental Organization, where wildlife conservation and law enforcement merge with decades of professional experience in intelligence, investigations arrest prosecution media reporting and fighting of corruption in the wildlife crime law enforcement processes. We are registered in Uganda - East Africa, with a very complex mission:

"To fight wildlife crime through professional investigation, arrest operation, naming and shaming arrested wildlife traffickers in the media and fighting all sorts of corrupt tendencies in the investigation process. We ensure that all wildlife product traffickers arrested are prosecuted timely and effectively."

It's evident that some wildlife crime suspects have connections with people in high positions of responsibility whose telephone calls alone can change the trend of the investigation processes.

The organized crime perpetuators always enjoy the protection and complicity of the political elites, and bribery is their tool to evade arrest and prosecution. Enforcement of the law is rendered impossible where some law enforcement officers are perpetuators of the crime.

Professionally run intelligence and investigative processes are the most important tools we have to combat wildlife trafficking through Uganda. We have a team of Professional Investigators with experience and ready to respond to very concrete threats to the environment and ready to save the wildlife sectors.
NRCN in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Police Force, the Directorate of Public Prosecution and other wildlife conservation partners have investigated complex wildlife cases ranging from illegal trade in Elephant and hippo ivory, pangolin scale, live pangolins, lions and leopard trophies, antelopes, python skins and live parrots and ostriches trade. The suspects arrested ranges from soldiers, police officers, teachers business men etc.

Directly or through partner organizations, Natural Resource Conservation Network collects information and operates in all areas in the country. The information that we collect from various sources and through different means is used to feed our investigative projects, launch new information gathering activities, better understand the players and facilitate the arrest and prosecution of the individuals behind wildlife crimes. We also share information with other organizations and selected law enforcement agencies.